4-2 Blog: Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media. I analyzed The Voice’s social platform. What I found that was done very successfully to meet the needs of their target audience, was that they had different features on each social media platform for fans to interact with. I thought that was a great idea. Each one had fun things for fans to do that tied directly into the show. The social, and consumer experience was addressed by creating such an interaction between fans and the show on many different platforms, that fans become consumers of many promotions that the show offers. The digital media followers have an engaged role where they can take part in the excitement. I visited their Facebook, Instagram, and their main webpage, and I found a high level of excitement for each. There were a lot of videos to watch, and plenty of links to direct me to more exciting content. I found it entertaining, and intrigued me enough to check out the next show.

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