3-2 Blog: Proper Selection for Mannequin Uses

-2 Blog: Proper Selection for Mannequin Uses


In looking at the mannequins on the Rootstein website, I found them to have a very realistic appearance. I do not think I have ever seen such realistic looking ones before. I believe that these would in fact be the very mannequins that a specialty boutique-style store would be interested in. The specialty appearance of the store would demand that the displays, and the mannequins would maintain the look that is required to carry the image of a specialty store. I would recommend that the stores use stylish mannequin displays that stand above what most customers typically see in their shopping occasions. Here are a couple pics of what I would expect to see in a specialty boutique:

Module 3 Blog3

A mass merchant store would use possibly a somewhat different approach with their displays, and more specifically, their use of mannequins. I think that the mannequins would be dressed differently to not only create an image and brand identity, but to also differentiate the many department’s specific fashions. I have seen department stores use the same approach, but the mannequins are often used in halves. What I mean by halves is that if it is the men’s shirt department, then the mannequin will be only waist up with a shirt on it. Many times the display doesn’t include any accessories, or related items with the mannequin. Below is a picture of a display for denim jeans:

Module 3 Blog3

I would recommend that these stores look into animated mannequins. I think that with the high level of foot traffic, the added touch of an animated display would be a big attraction. These mannequins in the picture represent the jeans ok, but a full animated mannequin that also had a great looking shirt, belt, and shoes would make the display much more appealing while adding to the amount of potential purchases.


Bing Search, “images of high end mannequins”


Visual Merchandising and Display, Sixth Edition. By Martin M. Pegler (2012)

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