Module 3 Blog: Marketing Campaigns and SMART Goals

Module 3 Blog: Marketing Campaigns and SMART Goals

          The difference between goals, strategies, and tactics is that the goal is the idea of what is to be accomplished, strategy is the plan that will be put in place to achieve the goal, and tactic is a set of instructions that makes the strategy toward the goal more navigable and effective (Belniak, 2013).

          Setting SMART goals is very important when creating a marketing campaign. A properly implemented set of SMART goals will make the completion of the goals much more successful. The questions that should be considered are made up of 5 steps that are broken down into individual focus points. These 5 points are:






Specific: A specific goal has much more impact than just creating a general goal. A general goal would be to get a degree in marketing, and a specific goal would be to join SNHU online, and study for an hour a day until the degree has been reached in 2018. This will give a much better chance of accomplishing the goal since it is more focused.

1) Who:      Who is part of the goal?

2) What:     What am I looking to accomplish?

3) Where:    Where will I accomplish it.

4) When:     When is the goal to be started/finished?

5) Which:    What needs to be done, and what hurtles will there be?

6) Why:      Why do I need to accomplish the Goal?

Measurable – Make sure the goal is measurable, and create specific tactics to measure the progress along the way.

Attainable – Make sure the goal is attainable by creating the proper steps to achieve them in the time frame that you wish to be complete.

Realistic– A realistic goal is a goal that is actually possible to do and if you are willing to do so as well.

Timely – More goals are accomplished when there is a specific time frame to accomplish them in. Setting a date gives you the right mindset to be successful.

          Strategies are the general methods that will help you meet your goals. Marketing tactics provide even more specific information. What is it specifically that needs to be done to achieve the goal? Marketing tactics align to strategies in order to support set goals by distributing resources in a very specific way with very specific actions that will lead to reaching ones goals (Anderson, 2017). I have a goal of advancing at my work. My strategy is to further my education to make me more competitive against other applicants. My tactic is to attend SNHU and study 1 hour per day toward a degree in marketing with a completion date of 2018. I currently have five weeks left.

          There are many ways to ensure that SMART goals are met by using key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are business metrics that you put in place and track in order to measure performance. Measurements include the input measures, process measures, output measures, and outcome measures (Balance Scorecard Institute, 2017). Examples of these measures are: Input=costs, Process=efficiencies, Output=the quality of the product, and outcome=customer satisfaction (Balance Scorecard Institute 2017). The KPI’s need to be focused and goal-specific, easy to measure and report on, and easy to assign to specific people. This means that the KPI’s are most beneficial to realizing a goal when they are specific to what the goal really is. Good KPI’s start by knowing your brand, what it is that you are trying to accomplish, and the challenges that will be faced in trying to work toward the goal.


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