Branding: A Day in the Life

I visit my Facebook page in the evenings after dinner. I enjoy reading about what my family and friends have done that day, and to even read a few funny jokes as well. I do not engage in any type of trash talking, or political posts. I’m not saying that I do not have an opinion, but I think there is a time and a place for certain conversations, and a tone cannot be detected in writing, and is usually perceived as negative by human nature. I am also a projector where I love to work on hot rods and or boats in my spare time. So, with that being said, I find myself on the EBay website looking for good deals on parts quite often. I usually do well in savings, so I get attracted to searching when I can. I also tend to watch YouTube videos if I get stumped on a specific project. With a little searching, you can find a worthy video that was posted by someone that knows what they are doing. I also check out Instagram, but not as much as the other three sites.

My reactions are usually positive when I visit these sites. I tend to ignore some of the foolish posts that people “air their laundry” with. I just shake my head and move on. I am usually satisfied with what I find, especially if it is a part that I was looking for, or a good “how to” video.

I receive a ton of emails from all kinds of senders. I get them from any company that I may have ordered from, my retirement account, Facebook with birthday reminders, work at home advertisements, you name it. I actually delete them all. I very rarely see anything that catches my eye. I would prefer to not receive any emails at all.

Digital media has brought marketing to a whole new level. The constantly changing ads on web pages, email blasts, social media ads, have all brought marketing to everyone’s fingertips. I have been known to log onto my computer, and end up looking at something that I my wife would like for Christmas, only because a flashy ad popped up on the website main page. I think that the marketing of any product on digital media has streamlined how companies can get more product to a larger audience by using selling engines like EBay that can market their product to even outside their country. The customer base for these companies is grown exponentially by the use of digital media.


Module 7 Blog: Green for Profit or Green for the Environment? My favorite brand is the company that I work for. I work for The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE). We have our corporate office in Bedford, New Hampshire, and our bottling facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Our company has a very strong stance on Corporate Social Responsibility that I am very proud to brag about. The CRS starts right at our sales centers with free flu shots for employees, programs to help educate to lead a healthy lifestyle, education tuition reimbursement, strong safety programs, and many other ways that the company gives back to its employees. The company (CCNNE), is focused on the training of its consumers with making the right choices, and leading a healthy lifestyle, and also providing many low to no calorie options to fit any specific diet. It is very important for all consumers to understand the importance of balancing what they eat, drink, and do, and how it affects their health. The company is committed to active, and healthy living. CCNNE is also very active with donating to special events such as Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Project Graduation, Soup Kitchens, sponsoring Red Cross Blood Drives, United Way, and so on. CCNNE is also a very active recycler, and consistently focused on reducing the company’s carbon footprint on the environment. Products are packaged in re-usable cases that are made of recycled material. The pallets that carry our product are re-usable, and made of recycled material. The production facility in Londonderry has a 93% recycling rate of all materials used in the facility. The Barrels that the syrup comes in, are even converted into recycling barrels for customers to use in their businesses. The Dasani water bottle is made up in part from plant based material. How great is that? The company is also focused on returning filtered water back to the environment that is not used to bottle the product. The company also reclaims all of the plastic wrap, and strapping that is used to wrap the pallets of product for delivery purposes. The 6.5 million pounds of wrap and strapping is sent to different companies that produce with this material, North Face fleece jackets, Patagonia, and New Balance sneakers. The companies actually wait for our recycled material before they use raw material to make their clothing and foot wear. Is that awesome or what? I can go on and on about how the company purchases hybrid automobiles to burn less fuels, or shares warehouse deliveries with other companies so there is not an empty tractor trailer driving multiple hours on end wasting fuel. The company is also investing into refrigerators that turn off completely at night, or when there is no activity. This is only a small amount of all that this company does toward Corporate Social Responsibility. There is a lot of information, and even you tube videos such as the following. As far as if the company has ever been accused of acting unethically, of course. Large companies are always the target of some sort of accusations, but the accuser usually has misguided information, or theories. I have read about facilities in other countries that were accused of unethical behavior, but were corrected very quickly. I strongly believe that CCNNE is focused on being green for the benefit of the environment. It is very important for everyone to take the time to make the right choices.

Top Dog versus Under Dog I would like to blog about Microsoft and Apple. I believe that Apple currently is the top dog due to the value of the brand, and the financials of the company. Apple was the pioneer for the smartphone, so when consumers think of one, they think of Apple. The introduction of the IMac, IPad, IPod, ect, have had a lasting effect on the company’s performance. It is a highly recognized brand, with a very large customer base. Although, Microsoft has had great performance on the stock market that have had much better results than Apple. The brand strategy of Apple is expanding on the smartphone hardware that many have grown to love. The iconic IPhone has been around for quite some time, and is compatible with other Apple devices to create a personal network that ties in multiple devices together. I think that this device is going to become “dated” compared to what the underdog (Microsoft) is bringing to the marketplace. The brand strategy of Microsoft has been creating innovation with a new computer device that can create a personal network for consumers that is based in the “cloud”. The cloud is an internet based memory system that can store information instead of filling up the device memory. This gives consumers more capacity for digital memory, and does not slow down devices by “clogging” them up with a lot of information. Even though Apple wins the “Top Dog” title, Microsoft is reported to bring performance to expectations. Apple may lose the “top dog” title in years to come by the innovation of Microsoft. Consumers have been attracted to the style, and performance of the way Microsoft devices work today, and the innovation the sets the two companies apart. One strong feature that Apple still has going for them, that may possibly keep them as the “top dog”, would be the fact that their devices are not nearly as susceptible to viruses, and outside intrusion, as Microsoft is. Of course, Microsoft has protection for this, but usually comes with an added cost that needs to be updated continuously. I think that this is one of the key reasons why Apple is still the “top dog” today. For this exact reason, I own an IMac computer so I do not have to worry as much about my personal information to be viewed by anyone. References:

2-1 Blog: Under Armour: Where Do We Go From Here? The market segments that were identified were the Men’s line of sporting clothing, and the women’s line of sporting clothing. The segmentation strategy that was implemented was the focus on the women’s apparel called “I will what I want” campaign. The campaign used social media to gather the attention of women that aspire to do more, and to be the best, no matter the odds. The campaign was a success, and led for the company to expand in other segments to achieve the same results. I believe that there are many key points to remember when implementing segmentation strategies. I can think of five examples such as: 1. You need to know your target customer. To properly create segments of business that require different focus, one needs to know the type of customer that is shopping there. Segmentation directs focus to the right customer with specific needs. 2. Understand that each segment will differ in the approach that is needed to close the sale. Each segment may differ in how they sell the same product. Even the retail price may be different in each segment of business. 3. Dividing business into segmented strategies highlights opportunities for growth. It caters to the specific wants and needs to a targeted customer that may not have the same tastes or wants that other customers may have that shop in other segments. You would not go to a dance studio, and expect to be able to sell them a propeller to a boat. 4. Another point to remember when implementing segmentation strategies is to approach each segment differently, but with the same outcome in mind. 5. Segments may differ based on the demographics, and also geographic locations of the consumers. Some things that sell very well in the city, may not do so well in the country. A new market segment where I think that there is a calling for, is more apparel that would target the high intensity thrill seekers that move in one day from mountain biking, zip lining, parachuting, and so on. A line of clothing that could handle the pressures of a high impact environment would be very attractive to enthusiasts. I would call this segment the “adrenaline line”, with a strong focus on the young, outdoor, thrill seeking consumer that only wants one type of clothing to fit many different needs. I have seen an increase in businesses opening that specialize in all of these activities, and have stores on premise that can serve as outlets for the customers to purchase the product directly. References:

I am an analytical consumer. I like to research what I am looking to purchase to make sure that I am getting the best value. After all, one never wants to settle for less! I usually look at the price first, then dig in a little further to see what the benefits are of the specific product that I am interested in. I found that if I made an impulse purchase without any research that I may have paid too much for it, and it may not be the best quality compared to other items. I tend to use the internet to influence my buying decision by doing extensive research. I will look at the company’s website to review the product, then at other sites like eBay that may offer it as well to see what the price, and reviews are. I tend to look to find what the most popular product reviews are saying about the product, and if they are similar results to one another. I also will ask friends, or family that have made similar purchases, for what they felt about it. This is usually if it is a larger purchase, like a computer, or car. I compare the price, and the reviews, which ultimately lead me to making my purchasing decision. Marketing research is very important for any company to fully understand their target consumers. Marketing research helps to pinpoint the best approach to market a specific product to the consumer for which it was intended. I am sure that a company’s marketing research had an effect on me, and I did not even realize it. For example, I just bought my youngest daughter a cell phone for Christmas. At the ATT store they offered a free I-pad mini with the purchase of a new cell phone, and two accessories such as a case, and a screen protector. I am sure that the marketing research, and marketing design for the company showed that a special like this lead to an increase of sales that was enough to offset the cost of the I-pad mini. My wife and I love our new I-pad mini. Marketing research and design certainly helps to influence a buying decision. I have experienced post purchase behavior in the past. I thought about making a specific purchase, but after I did so, I had a feeling that I made the wrong decision. I usually stick with my original decision, but I have changed my mind in the past. That does not happen very often at all.