Module 2: Store Fixtures

Module 2 Blog: Store Fixtures
The use of store fixtures in creating a visual display is vital to the appeal of the display. I have seen poorly executed blue jean, shirt, or food displays that were built on a table that looked like a pile of stuff. The same display built on a store fixture that was some sort of a step system had made the display look bigger, and was much more organized by sizes. The more organized a display is, the more likely the customer will gravitate toward it and potentially make a purchase. In addition to an organized display, it is vitally important to have Point of Purchase signage to indicate the price of the product(s). In many situations, customers typically will not take the time to inquire about the price and just move on to the next display. I was having difficulty attaching pictures, so please click on the link Module 2 Blog    to see some pictures of displays that were not well thought out, and some displays that gave a much better appeal by being well planned/executed.


Poor Retail Display Images
Retail Display Images
Visual Merchandising and Display, Sixth Edition. By Martin M. Pegler (2012)